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Gary Mitchell
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54 years old
Dayton, Ohio

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I'm a published photographer specializing in art nudes, erotic and light fetish work. In addition to play partners, I'm here seeking potential models for my work, and to network with other artists and kinksters. I'm primarily interested in photogenic females, female couples, and m/f couples. As this is a serious pursuit, I am fairly selective in who I work with, with preference given to athletic and toned physiques, but curves are fun too.

I also do my own light ropework, mainly decorative, that's being well-received. I semi-seriously refer to my non-standard method as ShiGari™ -- a Japanese/Midwestern Fusion. I came up with my own name because while I start with some of the shibari basics, I don't follow the traditions or practices very closely, so I won't claim to be doing proper shibari. So, ShiGari™ it is -- add it to your fetish list!

I often work with a more advanced shibari artist, DeweyX (Indianapolis), who is available for shoots with select subjects/models. We usually refer to our collaborative efforts as GMDX. I also am fortunate to be friends with several other talented riggers who are open to collaboration.

I've done a bit of rigging for another photographer or two recently... go me. :)

I encourage you to drop me a note to discuss your ideas, confess your secret crush on me, heap praise upon my work, or just say "hello." However, photo comments I feel to be inappropriate or disrespectful to my models may be deleted.


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